The Pistolettes

The Pistolettes are an all female Canadian quartet absolutely stacked with powerhouse vocals, attitude and catchy original songs. Ginger St. James and Mary Simon first came together for a “Wild Women Wednesdays”  showcase.  Although the bar owner complained about “too much cussin’ and suggested the pair “tone it down” the audience was thrilled with their unapologetic energy and authentic sounds. This would set the stage ablaze and the band quickly expanded, adding the outstanding talents of Justine “the bass machine” Fischer & Lulu Demoo on the drum kit and upfront on guitar. 

With 3 songwriters, and an entire band of singers - the fire is hot, sparkling with great hooks and party vibes. 

 A diverse and striking group of women who make it clear they aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s The Pistolettes!

Press photos

The Pistolettes featuring . . .

Ginger St James

Mary Simon

Lulu Demoo

Justine "the bass machine" Fischer


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